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Databases (2002-2009)

Here you will find all the Databases and Codebooks of all the national and international surveys produced by Project 1: "Portuguese Deputies in Comparative Perspective - Elections, Leadership and Political Representation". For further details on the presentation of the data produced in this project as well as citation rules and technical and methodological information, please consult the following publication (Booklet):

Freire, André, José Manuel Leite Viegas e Filipa Seiceira (orgs.) (2009), Representação Política em Portugal - Inquéritos e Bases de Dados, Lisboa, Sextante Editora, 230 p. (with CD ROM)

Candidates Survey 2009-2010
MPs Survey 2007
MPs Survey 2008
MPs Survey 2009
Voters Survey 2006
Voters Survey 2008