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Voters Survey 2008

Voters Survey (2008) - PT

Data & Documentation: free access.
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Principal Investigators:

André Freire, ISCTE-IUL & CIES-IUL
José Manuel Leite Viegas, ISCTE-IUL & CIES-IUL

Research assistants:

Filipa Seiceira - Research assistant
Pedro Fragoso – trainee

Topics with items in the questionnaire

A. Democracy & representation; democratic deliberation
B. Citizens’ perceptions about the economy
C. Opinions about MPs’ roles and functions
D. Trust, interpersonal and institutional
E. Ideological (Left-RighT) and partisan identities
F. Citizens’ perceptions about government performance
G. Political issues and public policies
H. Government and Electoral System
I. Social & Political Participation
J. Political Tolerance
L. Media exposure
M. Sociodemographic variables

Universe & Sampling

Universe – People living in Portugal, mainland, and aged 18 years old or more
N = 1350.
Multi-stage random sample.

Rules for citation:

Freire, A., & Viegas, J. M. L. (2008), “Portuguese Voters survey, 2008”, in Research project at ISCTE-IUL and CIES-IUL, Portuguese Deputies in Comparative Perspective: Elections, Leadership, and Political Representation, FCT: PTDC/CPO/64469/2006, available online at:


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(relevant methodological information should be consulted in this Booklet)

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